Monday, July 15, 2013

Hit Me with Your Best Shot

The Muffin Man had his first vaccination today.  I thought I would be a complete and utter wreck, but I was surprisingly calm despite the fact that I was unable to pop a Xanax before the appointment.  We have a wonderful Pediatrician who combines homeopathy and western medicine in his practice, so we've been giving Noah a whole regimen of remedies to prepare for the shot.  I'm a total wimp when it comes to needles, so I thought for sure the kiddo would scream bloody murder. Thankfully, Noah seems to have the stoicism of his Father, because he barely made a peep.  Now he's in his bed sleeping peacefully and none the worse for wear.

I'm sure that a number of my dear readers may be surprised to hear that a dirty hippie like myself decided to vaccinate her child.  Here's the thing, I did a lot of research about all the vaccines before Noah made his entrance downstage vagina. I knew that I wanted to vaccinate against certain things, like measles and whooping cough, and not against others like Hepatitis B (amazingly, despite my checkered sexual past I have managed to remain disease free - shocker, I know).  I also wasn't comfortable with the vaccine schedule the CDC recommends, wherein tiny babies are given multiple vaccines at once, which I feel is very difficult for their bodies to handle. So I sought out a Pediatrician who only gives one vaccine at a time, and doesn't start the shots until babies are older.  He's also a trained Homepath who prefers to use natural remedies rather than prescription drugs, which was one thing I feel really strongly about.  I think the fact that our Doctor is supportive of my choices is a big part of the reason I wasn't an anxiety ridden mess this morning. I feel like Noah is in really good hands and is being given the best care that we can afford.  Rest assured that I have not completely lost my neurotic tendencies despite the fact that I weathered this morning's needle episode without incident;  I am currently enjoying a very strong cocktail to help ease my lingering stress.  

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