Friday, July 12, 2013

Have Yourself a Great Friggin' Weekend

And just like that another weekend is upon us.  I'm a restaurant widow again this weekend, as per usual, so I have a feeling most of my weekend will be spent playing peek-a-boo and wishing I could afford full time childcare.  Sunday we're headed to a birthday party.  The Muffin Man is only six months old and already we spend quite a few weekends attending birthday parties.  I guess this is just a foreshadowing of what I can expect once the kiddo starts school.  It's a good thing I like balloon animals and cake.

Birkenstocks are cool again.  Finally, I can purchase footwear to match my hippie tendencies without sacrificing my desire to be fashionable.

My kale obsession continues.

I LOVE this quote.

I admit to drinking alone, but that doesn't mean I have to compromise my standards.  This tiddly looks like the perfect drink to accompany an evening on the patio with my kindle while the Muffin Man snoozes.

Our duplex, while charming, is old and crusty, so, sadly, I have a need to try out this home remedy to wipe out mold.

More on the Cronut front: sex and bacon

Peaches and Pecan Sandies together in a crisp?  Um, yes please (minus the gluten, dairy and sugar, of course).

Have a wonderful weekend!


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