Friday, July 26, 2013

Go Out There and Have a Great Weekend

Happy weekend, dear readers.  The Hubby is working yet again so it'll just be the Muffin Man and I taking Los Angeles by storm.  So far our exciting plans include several meals of pureed vegetables, and an afternoon playdate.  I know, the excitement is overwhelming.

I dream of once again having time to make homemade ice cream.  Assuming I somehow get more than 25 minutes to myself and can find my ice cream maker in the disaster that is my pantry, I'll make some of this deliciousness with coconut milk instead of heavy cream.

A nifty trick for shucking corn.  Perfect for the last few weeks of summer BBQ's.

A second a day from birth.  I wish I'd thought to do this with Noah!

Daft Punk condoms want you to stay up all night to get lucky.  Here's hoping they come in size "extra tiny" so some of my exes can partake.

My lifelong obsession with passionfruit now comes in cocktail form.  Bartender, I'll have another.

I admit that I still haven't finished writing thank you notes for stuff I got at my baby shower.  In November.  Of last year.  Hopefully this guide to the perfect thank you note will help.

Have a wonderful weekend!


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