Monday, July 29, 2013

Chew on This

The Muffin Man is in the throes of teething, so it was a long weekend around these parts.  Saturday Noah was really out of sorts and wouldn't let me put him down all day. While on the one hand I appreciate the arm workout I got without having to go the gym, it does make it difficult to do so much as go to the bathroom when your kid starts screaming the minute you set him down. Thankfully, the Hubby actually came home early enough on Saturday evening to feed the kiddo dinner while I took a long, hot bath and enjoyed an adult beverage.

This whole teething thing sucks. I can't believe that we have to go through this nightmare for an entire mouth of teeth. I'm not sure how many teeth kids actually have, but it looks like quite a few, so I'm guessing I have at least 20 sleepless nights ahead of me. We've been hitting the homeopathic teething remedies pretty hard the last couple of days. I have some baby Tylenol in case things get really bad, but I don't like to give the kiddo Meds.  So far we've blown through a few boxes of Camilia, I have a freezer full of teething rings, and I've even resorted to one of those Amber teething necklaces (worn as an anklet).  I honestly don't know if the amber works, but I'm so desperate I'm willing to try anything. Besides, I think Noah's kind of rocking the hippie baby style; now he just needs a tie-dye onesie, a Grateful Dead tattoo and a joint to complete the look.  

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