Tuesday, June 18, 2013

You're In

Good news, dear reader: I am no longer a Mommy and Me reject.  I got the call yesterday that we made it off of the waiting list and are expected to show up for our first class next week.  Honestly, I'm sort of torn about joining the class now.  Three months ago I would've killed to get into one of these groups but now I sort of don't care. I have a routine, my baby is doing just fine, and we've managed to make some nice friends despite being rejected by "Hollywood's hottest Mommy and Me" class.  Of course this is not going to keep me from joining the group. Are you kidding?  Pass up a chance for all the comedic gold sure to come out of this experience?  I would never let you down like that, my friends.  I'm looking forward to afternoons spent singing The Wheels on the Bus while I gaze in wonder at the copious amounts of plastic surgery and Botox sure to be present on a number of the other Mommies.  I promise to file a full report for your reading pleasure, but first I have to go make an appointment with my dermatologist to find out about getting a chemical peel. Hey, if you can't beat 'em, join'em, right?

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