Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Motherhood FAIL of the Week: Baby vs. Shag

I'm kind of obsessed with decorating magazines and home decor blogs.  When I found out I was pregnant with the Muffin Man I got very excited about designing his nursery. I really didn't want his room to look super babyish, because I knew I'd be hanging out in there quite a lot and I wasn't too keen on wiling away my days staring at jungle print curtains. So after spending an embarrassing amount of time on Pinterest checking out high style nurseries, I got to work.  I love Jonathan Adler, so I used his design aesthetic as inspiration: chevron curtains, groovy 1960's-ish lamp, and a fabulous Flokati shag rug.  I was extremely pleased with how the room turned out until the first time I put Noah on the floor to play.  In his efforts to roll over he kept grabbing onto the rug and pulling out clumps of fuzz. This wouldn't really be a problem except that he then put his hands, full of clumps of fuzz, into his mouth and started choking on the rug fibers. Thankfully I managed to get the fuzz out of his mouth before it made it into his windpipe, therefore saving me from having to perform baby CPR.  So while Noah's room may be chic, it turns out it is also a death trap.  Needless to say I have ordered a new rug that won't be dangerous to my son's health.  Oh and if you're looking for a Flokati that's only been spit up on once, I can give you a great price.

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