Friday, June 28, 2013

Have a Cool Weekend

Hey now, it's the weekend.  Which means just like every other day of the week I will be awake with the sun and trying to find exciting activities to pass the hours until bedtime.  The Hubs is working all weekend, so it'll be just me and the Muffin Man trying to stay cool.  I think I may have to buy the kiddo one of those inflatable pools so I can work on my tan while parenting.  I seriously have to get rid of the Tom's tan line I have going on my feet from all of my walking; it's terribly unsexy.  Sunday I'll be taking Noah as my very hot date to a friend's baby shower.  She's having a girl, so I got a little over excited purchasing pink items.  I did see a few things she was missing on her registry though, so I'll have to tell her that she needs to check out my lit of "must-haves" for baby.

This article really aggravated my anxiety this week.  Just in case you don't think a visit from Aunt Flo is bad enough, some scientist guy thinks we're slowly poisoning ourselves with tampons.

Does saying "no" help our kids be more motivated?  Here's an argument for not always giving in.

I've been missing New York a ton this week.  Where else but there do you see quirky things like this?

Just found Chris' Father's Day gift for next year.

The soaring summer temps mean it's the perfect time to bust out the homemade limoncello.  I'll be mixing up some of these beauties for porch sippin'

Wish I could've gone to this event.  Mr. Personality indeed.  

I just discovered Ikea Hackers and I'm totally obsessed.  How cute is this dresser?  

Stay cool, kiddos!


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