Monday, June 24, 2013

Feed Me

I don't think the Muffin Man likes vegetables. This isn't surprising to me because, after all, he is my child and if I had my druthers potato chips and cookies would be two of the five food groups, so I can only assume he has inherited this propensity for a dislike of all things healthy from his Mother. Yesterday we tried carrots.  I've been making all of Noah's baby food, mainly because I figure this effort has to make up for some of my other failings as a Mother, but also because it has to taste better than the paste in a jar that passes for commercial baby food. So far we've tried avocado, spinach and peas to no avail, so I thought throwing an orange veggie in there might be just the ticket.  No go. Not only did Noah make hilarious faces of horror every time I fed him a bite of the offending carrot and breast milk mixture, but he spit it out and made repeated gagging noises on the rare event that he did manage to accidentally swallow some.  According to my good friend Dr. Google, it takes 10-12 times of trying the same food before a child truly likes or dislikes something, so you can rest assured that my batch of beautiful organic carrots will not go to waste. I do wish, however, that there was some way to turn potato chips into baby food, because I just know that Noah would gobble that down.

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