Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The Mom Stays in the Picture

Yesterday I had the pleasure of being a guest on The Adults are Talking podcast. Isaac and Deb are great hosts and we had a fun time discussing parenthood.  I'm pretty sure they will never recover from hearing about my placenta encapsulation. Here's the link if you care to take a listen: http://theadultsaretalking.yolasite.com

One of the things we discussed on The Adults are Talking is how becoming a Mother empowers you and makes you feel so much less self-conscious. This has definitely been one of the great surprises of Motherhood for me. Before I had the Muffin Man I used to agonize over every tiny detail of my appearance and I was so self-critical. Now that I'm wrangling a small human I just don't think about it so much anymore. If I manage to shower and get dressed in a marginally matching outfit then I consider that a win. So it seems fitting that two of my favorite Mommy bloggers, Momma's Gone City and Mommy Shorts are asking other Moms to take pictures of themselves with their kiddos. We all snap so many pictures of our little ones and too often leave ourselves out. Motherhood is beautiful in all of its chaos and craziness. Go ahead and celebrate yourself by taking a photo with your babe, uploading it to Instagram and tagging it with #momma_love @mommyshorts @mommasgonecity and @mommaloveali.  You might win a copy of this amazing book, but mostly you'll join a huge group of Mommas celebrating their awesomeness.  Besides, it's a great way to spend your Tuesday afternoon instead of doing actual work, don't you think?

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