Monday, May 20, 2013

Somebody Walks in LA

These Tom's were made for walking
It's very possible that I am the only person who walks in LA.  I've always been a walker thanks to my time spent living in New York, but ever since the Muffin Man's arrival the miles I travel with my feet have increased substantially.  I'm lucky that we live in a very walkable neighborhood - there are lots of sidewalks and there are shops and restaurants to walk to - and that I have an amazing stroller that keeps Noah riding in style on our journeys.  I didn't plan to be the crazy lady who walks everywhere, but once Noah arrived and I discovered what a nightmare it is to drag a heavy carseat in and out of the car at every destination (not to mention his propensity to howl every time he's put in the car) I decided there had to be a way to still get my errands done without using the car.  Now I walk to the market, the post office, the library, the name it and I've walked there with Noah. It's actually really cool to experience Los Angeles outside the confines of the drivers seat. In the midst of all the cement and strip malls you start to discover strange and beautiful things, like old houses tucked away behind Jiffy Lubes and flourishing urban gardens.  People look at me strangely when they see me bopping down the street having a conversation with Noah, but as long as I don't dress like a homeless person they are pretty friendly.  I've been telling everyone that my new mode of transportation is my effort to "go green", but the truth is that the days can be really long and mind-numbing when you're home alone with a baby, and walking eats up a lot more time than driving somewhere.  Any activity that makes the day go by faster and helps tone up my post-pregnancy butt is a win-win in my book.

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