Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Motherhood FAIL of the Week: Blankie Poo

There's a lot of poop involved in being a parent. When we first brought the Muffin Man home from the hospital we weren't very swift with the whole diaper changing thing, so we spent a significant amount of time cleaning poop off ourselves as well as the baby. Now that we are more experienced, the poop accidents have become less frequent. However, due to my obsessive compulsive attempts to save money, Noah has been wearing diapers that are a little too small for him because I don't want to waste what's left of the package of diapers. turns out that an ill fitting diaper doesn't do a great job of keeping poop from going everywhere (who knew?). Yesterday Noah had an explosion of poop that not only soaked his clothing but also Chris' as well. After cleaning up the mess, I put Noah down for a nap with his favorite blankie only to notice that there was poop all over it. This wouldn't be such a problem if my kid didn't like to rub this dirty scrap of cloth all over his face and suck on the satin edging. By the time I realized that the blankie had been adulterated Noah was already napping peacefully in his crib. As those of you with children know, getting a kiddo to nap is no small feat. I toyed with the idea of wrestling the poopy blankie from his strong little grip, which would no doubt wake him up and result in a struggle to get him back to sleep, but instead decide to let him sleep and prayed that he wouldn't stick the pooped-on part in his mouth. I realize that there was a real chance I could've ended up with a sick baby, but hey, Momma needed a shower.

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