Monday, May 13, 2013

Just Another Mommy Monday

I gotta say that I really like this whole Mother's Day thing. Being a Mommy is hard work and there are so many times when I feel like I just really suck at it, so it felt good to receive cards from my son, husband, and assorted loved ones giving me a little validation. Plus I enjoyed the fact that I had the opportunity to laze around in bed and not feel guilty about it.

We had a lovely day that included our weekly trip to the farmers market, a delicious brunch with family, and an afternoon nap. We had very ambitious plans to go out to dinner with the Muffin Man, but we quickly realized that a tired baby and a leisurely dinner do not mix, so we decided to let people dine without a soundtrack of "screaming baby" and ordered take out instead.  Overall it was a great day and I loved being with my boys, but I'm super excited about my gift that arrived this morning: the babysitter we've hired to come once a week for a few hours.  There's no better gift than the love of my son and husband; except for the guarantee of getting to take a shower once a week.

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