Friday, May 24, 2013

Have Yourself a Great Friggin' Weekend

It's Memorial Day weekend, my friends.  In the old days this would've meant a booze-fueled trip to the Hamptons and a hook-up with a questionable guy, but these days life is less exciting and, thankfully, less dangerous to my sexual health.

We have a busy social calendar tomorrow: a birthday party for a one year old and a jaunt to visit my parents to celebrate Gramma's birthday.  I'm actually planning to make a cake, so stay tuned to see how that goes over, since this will be my first foray into baking while also juggling a baby.

Sadly, I'll be a Restaurant Widow on Monday, as the Hubby has to work (I'm used to it - I've been to at least three weddings and one Bar Mitzvah alone), so I'll be taking my favorite date (Noah) with me to a friend's BBQ.

In typical Pisces (read: indecisive) fashion, I'm already busy redecorating the Muffin Man's nursery.  I'm obsessed with this ceiling and thinking I may give it a shot.

I have six boxes of old Ball jars taking up space in my garage, so this idea looks like a genius way to repurpose them and bring some sparkle to our patio.

Thanks to Chris' work schedule I've been on dinner duty this week.  Aside from some seriously bland turkey tacos (sorry, honey) I've made a decent showing.  This salad recipe was a hit, even with my kale-hating spouse.

The onset of summer has me dreaming of tropical beaches and fruity drinks.  I'm not usually a sweet cocktail kind of girl, but there's nothing better than a perfectly prepared Mai Tai enjoyed on the lanai while watching the sunset.  Drink enough of these and you just might see a green flash!

Have a fantastic weekend, my friends.  Have fun and use protection, or you won't be headed to the Hamptons a year from now!


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