Friday, May 3, 2013

Have Yourself a Great Friggin' Weekend

Happy Friday, my friends!  We're in a celebratory mood around here because the Muffin Man slept through the night last night.  I'm so well-rested I'm not really sure what to do with myself.

Last night we went to my friend Jordanna's book release party.  She's an amazing young-adult novelist, and I'm so excited to read her new book, Our Song!  Get it here or here, or better yet support your local independent bookseller like Chevaliers or Book Court.

It's Kentucky Derby weekend, which means I'll be mixing up a batch of the Perfect Mint Julep.  Don't forget to call your Bookie and place a bet - I always root for the long-shot

If you don't want to make your own julep, head on over to Bludso's Bar & Que for some killer BBQ and mint juleps on tap.  The brisket and the coleslaw are ah-mazing, and I'm sure they'll have the Derby streaming tomorrow so you can keep an eye on your horse.  

Have you seen this article about where ex-pat New Yorkers land around the globe?  It's certainly spot on when it comes to our neighborhood.

I've been making a shopping list for pieces to jazz up my spring and summer wardrobe.  I usually stay away from butterflies because they just make me think of bad stripper tattoos, but these are cool.

Sunday is Cinco de Mayo, so needless to say we'll be staying off the roads and celebrating at home.  We're having some friends in for Margaritas and, just to mix it up, goat cheese guacamole.  

This video kills me.  I definitely wouldn't have appreciated it before, but now that I have a kiddo I just can't get enough.

What are your plans for this beautiful spring weekend?

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