Friday, May 10, 2013

Call Your Mother

My Momma and I; partners in crime for all these years.  
It's my inaugural Mother's Day, so I'm really looking forward to sleeping late and having a quiet, restful day all to myself.  Hahahahaha!  The reality is that I'll probably be up with my teething baby at least four times on Saturday night and I'm spending Mother's Day with my whole family so the only thing that's going to redeem this weekend is alcohol and a really good gift from the Hubby.

I'm treating myself to a massage today at El Leon Spa.  This place is ah-mazing.  It's just like being in Thailand except without the possibility of getting dysentery.

For Sunday brunch I'm mixing up a batch of these, because Bloody Marys are really the only socially acceptable way to drink alcohol in the morning.

Have you seen this?  Sure to melt your heart even if you're not an animal person.

I'm loving the Great Gatsby fashion right now.  I'm definitely going to pick up this killer hat for summer.

In typical Anna fashion I haven't done any shopping for Mother's Day gifts yet, so you'll be able to find me wandering aimlessly around the mall tomorrow morning.  Here are some cool gift ideas if you're running behind schedule, too:

I love this planter for the Momma with a green thumb.
Every Mommy deserves some cashmere love.
Honestly, you can't go wrong with an indulgent mani-pedi gift certificate.  

Don't forget to call your Mom on Sunday and thank her for pushing you out of her lady parts.  Trust me, it's not as easy as it looks on TV.  Have a killer weekend!

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